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Personal Retreats for Couples & Individuals

Heavenly Auras offers personal retreats that can be customized to fit your mind, body and spirit. Our Personal Retreats are truly the most powerfully transformative retreats offered in the Westman Area— or anywhere else for that matter — because they give you the opportunity to work one-to-one practitioners who are focused completely on your needs. This format provides the greatest return possible on the total investment you’re making to come to a retreat.

Another major advantage of our personal retreats is the freedom to choose your own travel dates. If you’re going through a personal crisis, there’s no need to wait for a group retreat to address the issues. We can put together a customized program just for you with only a few days notice.

 You will experience 4-6 hours per day in sessions that have proven to be highly effective at clearing out past trauma, breaking old patterns, and awakening the spirit.

Every person who calls is special. From the moment you pick up the phone to the day you depart we will tenderly stand by your side, helping to guide your way. Our private retreats are an adventure into the soul allowing for Spiritual and Emotional Healing. It’s your commitment to begin your Quest. This is a quest to re-connect with yourself on a soul level. The retreat might be a bit of a challenge as you let go and surrender. Yet, in the end you will find great satisfaction as a weight is lifted off your shoulders. You will begin to feel free once again. Our Personal Retreat guests often comment on the process of their quest and how it allowed them to fully heal and know who they are at their core. We work hard to form a team of the most amazing practitioners who all know why you are coming and what goals you are trying to accomplish. It’s a modern day “walk about” for the soul. Don’t let another day go by living in grief and pain. Give us a call to discuss our personal retreats and know that we have your best interest at heart. 

It’s time to start living again.